12 reasons to register

When you attend Indeed Interactive, you get all of these great benefits without breaking the bank!

Data insights

Gain actionable takeaways you can apply to optimize your team’s hiring processes now.

Fresh angles

Open up your mind by meeting and learning from peers in other industries and cities.

Industry outlook

Get the long view on where hiring is headed and prepare your business for the future.

Productive rejuvenation

Step away from the office for a while to refresh, energize and spark new motivation.

Creative tactics

Get innovative new hiring strategies to keep your talent organization competitive.

Practical tools

Learn data-driven tips and tricks to make your day-to-day processes more efficient.

Strong ROI

See how the value of cutting-edge data insights and skills training outweighs your event cost.

Unique speakers

Don’t miss captivating storytellers who offer a fresh perspective on the recruiting industry.

New contacts

Spark connections that can further the success of your team, department and career.

Cost savings

Take advantage of early registration discounts and special group rates on lodging.

Big inspiration

Hear success stories and get innovative new ideas to bring back to your own business.

Hands-on experience

Explore Indeed products, watch live demos and attend expert-led training workshops.