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Your roadmap to reimagining recruiting in the new world of work.

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  • General Sessions - Morning
    • General Sessions
      Hire Potential: Transformative solutions for a reimagined world of work
      Chris Hyams, CEO, Indeed

      It has been an unbelievable year-and-a-half, with employers leveraging creativity and a sense of urgency to solve some of the greatest challenges our industry has ever faced. From transitioning to a fully remote workforce to keeping front-line staff and customers safe, innovation has led the way to new advances in recruiting, onboarding and workplace well-being. This problem-solving mindset has also inspired Indeed to build new solutions that help make hiring simpler, faster and more helpful.


      Join Indeed’s CEO Chris Hyams for a look at the industry shifts that have ushered in a reimagined world of work. He’ll share an inspiring vision for the future and a new solution that will help employers hire at scale while enabling recruiters to focus on the most important part of the process—the people. Together, we can help shape new opportunities for job seekers and transform organizations, allowing all of us to reach our Hire Potential.

    • General Sessions
      The Future of Human Potential
      Vivienne Ming, Theoretical neuroscientist & Co-founder, Socos Labs
      LaFawn Davis, Group Vice President, Environmental, Social & Governance, Indeed

      Technological breakthroughs have ushered in solutions with potential to relieve us from mundane tasks and enrich our day-to-day lives. But what happens when technology meets recruiting? How do we address complex problems that cannot be solved by machines and algorithms alone?


      In this exploratory keynote, theoretical neuroscientist Dr. Vivienne Ming will share her experience in using technology to tackle some of our greatest hiring challenges. Ming provides insight into the future of hiring and how creativity and innovation can be harnessed for good, building a world of work where everyone’s potential is fully realized.


      Following this keynote, LaFawn Davis (Indeed’s Group VP of Environmental, Social and Governance at Indeed) will join Dr. Ming for a fireside chat to discuss ways to wield technology to support inclusive hiring.

    • General Sessions
      The Future of Hiring: Simpler, faster, more human
      Maggie Hulce, SVP & General Manager, Enterprise, Indeed

      Adaptability, innovation and resilience: these three characteristics have carried us through a pivotal moment of workforce change. Now, as the world emerges from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to reimagine hiring — especially our assumptions about what is essential and the ways we can continue to transform talent acquisition.

      In this session, Maggie Hulce, Indeed SVP and General Manager, Enterprise shares Indeed’s vision for the future of hiring. She expands on how technology can optimize and help broaden reach and explains the transformational power behind connected innovation as illustrated in our recently launched Indeed Hiring Platform. Join Maggie to discover how Indeed is building a future in which hiring can be a simpler, faster and more human experience for job seekers and employers alike.

    • General Sessions
      Glassdoor and Indeed CEO Q&A: Innovation, growth and a culture of transparency
      Chris Hyams, CEO, Indeed
      Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO, Glassdoor

      Like any force of nature, the pandemic has accelerated business evolution. Workforce trends are quickly becoming best practices; what was once considered “the future of work” is here today — and to stay. And one key trend that’s had rapid adoption is company transparency.


      Join Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong and Indeed CEO Chris Hyams for a conversation that explores how navigating expectations around company transparency has affected their roles—and Glassdoor’s and Indeed’s platforms. They’ll discuss ways the two platforms together can help employers reach more candidates, support employer brand efforts and help more people get jobs.

  • Breakout Block 1
    • Automation and Future of Work Breakouts
      The Next Normal: Meeting workforce expectations in a changing world
      Lauren Kort, Senior Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed

      The pandemic has squeezed a decade’s worth of change into a very intense year and a half. As a result, organizations have had to be more nimble and adaptable, transforming and disrupting to meet the needs of a changing workplace. Which of these changes will stick? And how have the events of the past 18 months affected job seeker behavior?


      In this session, Lauren Kort, Senior Recruitment Evangelist, will share new research on job seeker expectations and explore the ways changing workforce trends — from well-being to remote work — could transform your talent strategy.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent leaders and decision makers looking for insights and best practices to stay competitive in today’s labor market
      • Anyone interested in understanding changing workforce trends


      Walk Away With:

      • Eye-opening research on what job seekers expect from potential employers
      • An understanding of how recent events are shaping job seeker behavior and workplace trends
      • Action items for becoming an employer of choice in the new world of work


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Breaking Down Bias and Barriers
      Chela White-Ramsey, Senior Manager Training & Development, Client Engagement, Indeed

      To be biased is to be human, but to be aware of those biases—and their impact on who and how you hire—makes your recruiting teams more effective.
      In this session, you’ll learn what unconscious bias is, and see real-world examples of its effects, both in your day-to-day recruiting practices, as well as on your company’s bottom line. Together, we’ll learn actionable steps that mitigate unconscious bias and encourage more equitable interview and hiring experiences.


      Who Should Attend:

      • This entry-level discussion is open to anyone interested in learning about unconscious bias and its impact on hiring


      Walk Away With:

      • The ability to define “unconscious bias” and recognize examples
      • Strategies to mitigate the impact of unconscious bias on job candidates
      • Action items for uncovering unconscious bias in your interview process
      • Techniques to create more equitable candidate experience in interviews


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Making Inclusive Hiring Part of Your Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan
      Abbey Carlton, Senior Director, Head of Social Impact, Indeed
      Lance LaVergne, Chief Diversity Officer & SVP, Global Talent Acquisition & Associate Experience, PVH Corp.
      Kristina Francis, Executive Director,

      In today’s transformed economy, when employers are inundated with resumes for a single requisition, how do we ensure we’re hiring people according to the things that matter most?


      In this moderated conversation, panelists will explore how talent leadership can pave the way to hire in a more fair and equitable way. They’ll explore why this moment in time, with its unique confluence of socio-economic and pandemic-related events, has led to a greater focus on cultural addition versus cultural fit. They’ll also provide practical, strategic insight into taking your next steps toward more inclusive hiring.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent acquisition professionals in all industries interested in building a more inclusive work environment
      • Decision makers looking to implement strategic policies that encourage inclusion
      • Business leaders dedicated to supporting a more diverse workforce


      Walk Away With:

      • An understanding of how current societal conditions impact recruiting and hiring
      • Insight into embracing more equitable hiring practices that reach a broader range of talent
      • What is meant by inclusive hiring and how it benefits your organization


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Brand Breakouts
      Boost Your Brand Equity and Culture Through Human-Centered Storytelling
      Matthew Luhn, Director, writer, and former Pixar Storyteller
      Bryan Chaney, Director, Employer Brand—Talent Attraction, Indeed

      Whether your business survived, thrived or faced difficult decisions around furloughs and freezes, chances are you’ve spent the last 18 months discerning how to evolve your employer brand.


      The power of storytelling has never been stronger, or more important, for building brands that reside within the hearts and minds of your employees, job seekers and customers. Employers that market their core beliefs by connecting with the human elements of story, the everyday struggles and celebrations, will find greater success in nurturing long-term engagement through whatever comes next.


      Matthew Luhn, former Pixar storyteller, is an expert on how to evoke emotional reactions and connections through images and branding. Matthew will explain the techniques he uses in filmmaking to harness the power of storytelling and inspire your audience to participate in your narrative. Matthew will be joined in the second half of his session by Indeed’s Director of Employer Brand, Bryan Chaney, for a fireside chat.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Employer Brand professionals looking for fresh ways to engage with job seekers
      • HR leaders who want to better communicate company mission and values


      Walk Away With:

      • The ability to discern narrative vs. story in brand marketing
      • Tactics to incorporate all five senses into your storytelling
      • Ways to grow and sustain brand equity over time and cultures


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Indeed Solutions
      Discover Indeed Hiring Platform
      Liz Savage, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Indeed

      A third of your life is spent working — but how much of that work is meaningful? For too long, rinse and repeat recruiting tasks have consumed valuable time when talent acquisition leaders, professionals and hiring managers know that what the world of work should be about is building teams, making meaningful connections and helping people thrive in their organizations. And Indeed is here to help…


      Come discover how Indeed Hiring Platform can help your team fast-track recruiting so they can get right to interviewing quality candidates. Hiring Platform delivers the interviews you need by combining Indeed’s reach and understanding of job seekers with recruiting automation technology in one integrated platform. We help your team automate time-consuming recruiting tasks so they can accelerate hiring and spend more time connecting with talent. In this short session, learn how we can save your team up to nine hours per requisition and boost your productivity by 10x.

    • Candidate Experience Breakouts
      Interpreting Future Trends for Tomorrow's People Profession
      Mary Connaughton, Director, CIPD Ireland
      Glenda Kirby, VP Client Success, Indeed

      While no one has a clear vision into the future of talent acquisition, solid data and knowledgeable interpretation provide the best crystal ball as we reimagine our hire potential.


      Join Mary Connaughton, Director of CIPD, as she discusses the organization’s latest research, “People Profession 2030: A collective view of future trends.” As she shares local and global findings, trends and important shifts and developments, Connaughton will specifically address how these key takeaways are driven by technology and digitalization and what their impact will be on tomorrow’s talent acquisition and recruiting practices, processes and people. Afterward, Glenda Kirby, Indeed’s VP of Client Success, will conduct a fireside chat, with deeper dives into information shared and ideas generated for building a better world of work for the people profession.
      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent leaders and decision makers interested in the latest research and data informing strategic approaches to practices and processes in the profession
      • HR and talent acquisition professionals who desire a deeper understanding of the impact of digitalization and technology on processes and practices
      • Anyone interested in understanding changing workforce trends


      Walk Away With:

      • An understanding of the CIPD report, “The People Profession 2030: A collective view of future trends,” from the organization’s director
      • Data and information to drive informed decisions regarding use of digitalization and technology in talent acquisition
      • Action items for strategically incorporating today’s trends into tomorrow’s best practices


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Automation and Future of Work Breakouts
      Sourcing Better Hiring Outcomes
      Jona Youdeem, Product Marketing Manager, Indeed Resume, Indeed
      Over the past year, our industry learned how to transform – both ourselves and the way our companies hire. We have a renewed focus on “becoming digital” or “reorganizing for growth” that allowed us to invest in new, strategic ways to find and hire the best talent, efficiently. In 2021, it’s time to double down what has been learned and advance the momentum toward better hiring outcomes. In this session, you’ll learn everything Indeed Resume is developing to enable recruiters to extend sourcing success beyond outreach.
    • Candidate Experience Breakouts
      Dear Hiring Manager: What employers should know about the job search journey
      Taylor Meadows, Senior Evangelist, Employer Insights, Indeed
      Lee Reemsynder, Senior Channel Sales Manager, Vimeo

      Fear, excitement, doubt, hope — job seekers feel a range of emotions during the job search. But it’s been a particularly stressful experience this past year, as pandemic-related layoffs and furloughs resulted in record high unemployment rates and heightened uncertainty for those seeking work. A poor candidate experience — from filling out cumbersome applications to getting ghosted — can exacerbate these challenges. So, how do you fix it?


      In this fireside chat, hear firsthand from a job seeker who recently experienced the ups and downs of the job search journey. From this unique perspective, employers will learn how to use empathy to optimize their candidate experience and boost their employer brand.


      Who Should Attend:

      • TA leaders and hiring managers interested in hearing a job seeker’s perspective on the connection between candidate experience and employer brand
      • Recruiters looking for actionable insights on how to improve candidate experience


      Walk Away With:

      • A better understanding of candidate experience, directly from a job seeker
      • Actionable takeaways for improving your recruiting process to ensure all candidates have an exceptional experience with your brand


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

  • Breakout Block 2
    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Salute to Military Spouses: How recruiting this talent can lead to business success
      Andrew Dennis, Senior Strategist, Military & Veterans Program, Indeed
      Meredith Lozar, Senior Director, Military Spouse Programs, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
      Beth Conlin, Senior Program Manager, Military Spouses, Amazon

      Women in the workplace have suffered a devastating hit from COVID-19. More than any other demographic, women are experiencing pandemic-related unemployment—and women account for 92% of military spouses.* At the same time, the impact of COVID-19 has also presented unforeseen opportunities for military spouses, breaking down some of the traditional barriers they often encounter during their job search—like the availability of flex and remote work.


      Explore the impact of our post-pandemic world on military spouse hiring with Andrew Dennis, Sr. Strategist Indeed for Military at Indeed; Beth Conlin, Sr. Program Manager for Military Spouses at Amazon and Meredith Lozar, Sr. Director of Military Spouse Programs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. You’ll learn how to wield current workforce trends to your talent attraction advantage, and why hiring military spouses should be a priority for your business.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Employers who currently run military employment programs and want to improve their results
      • Business leaders and hiring professionals looking to expand their talent pools
      • Anyone interested in learning actionable items for building a more inclusive workforce


      Walk Away With:

      • Insights into how post-pandemic employment trends are affecting military spouse job seekers
      • An understanding of skills and characteristics that make military spouses resilient and adaptable employees
      • Specialized tips and techniques for reviewing a military spouse’s resume
      • The business case for tapping into this talent pool


      *Source: Hiring Our Heroes


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Leading With Empathy: How to support employees — and your business — in tumultuous times
      Rob Williams, Director, Global Account Marketing, Indeed
      Henrietta De Beer, Chief, Human Resources Policies Division, United Nations International Civil Service Commission

      What role does empathy play in the workplace—and why does it matter? Leaders have asked these questions for decades, but amidst the challenges of the last year and a half, workplace empathy has gone from “nice-to-have” to “must-have.” As it turns out, empathy can have an impact on talent attraction, influence your candidate experience, support employee retention and boost your employer brand, too.


      Don’t believe us? Join a thought-provoking conversation about ways to create a more empathetic workplace, and the compelling business case for putting people first.


      Who Should Attend:

      • HR leaders looking for inspiration and ideas on how to create an empathetic workplace culture
      • Anyone interested in learning the role empathy plays in addressing today’s workforce challenges


      Walk Away With:

      • An understanding of how practicing empathy can have a positive impact on business
      • Action items for promoting a positive employee experience using empathy


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Automation and Future of Work Breakouts
      Wonder What’s Next: Transforming people, places and technology for the best possible workplaces
      Monica Parker, Founder, HATCH Analytics
      Bianca Rehmer, Senior Manager, Employer Insights, Indeed

      “Wonder” is defined as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.” While many words have been used to describe the pandemic and its myriad effects on our world, are you ready to wonder at the outcomes of this transformative year?


      Join Monica Parker, founder of HATCH, a human analytics and change consultancy; host of the podcast “Wondercast” and authority on workplace strategy, as she makes the business case for embracing the unexpected, unfamiliar, inexplicable — and even beautiful — aspects of change.


      Parker’s multidisciplinary approach includes psychological principles, social sciences, the arts and business to facilitate forward-thinking strategy and develop new tools, such as curiosity and wonderment, to help innovative talent leaders successfully navigate and communicate organizational change. Come imagine tomorrow’s best company practices and discover how harnessing our sense of wonder might just be the key to realizing healthier, happier and more meaningful lives in — and outside of — the future workplace. Monica will be joined in the second half of this session by Bianca Rehmer, Indeed’s Senior Manager of Employer Insights, for a fireside chat on wonder, change management and resilience.

      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent leaders and decision makers planning for the next phase in their workplace
      • Anyone interested in transforming inevitable changes into progressive best practices


      Walk Away With:

      • Data and insights on how positivity and wonder can influence the workplace
      • Actionable takeaways for becoming a change management leader at your organization


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Brand Breakouts
      How COVID-19 Has Reshaped Employer Branding
      Norman Mauer, Product Evangelist, Employer Insights, Indeed
      Anca Pintilie, Head of Marketing & Employer Branding – EU WFS, Amazon
      Magdalena Sáenz, Head of Employer Branding, Hilti AG

      Is employer branding ready for a remake? While yesterday’s methods for wooing talent may lie behind us, what will take the place of past in-person perks? How has the pandemic leveled the field and brought employer branding back to its bedrock? In this panel discussion, global executives will discuss the changing landscape of employer branding and how their companies have responded, kept promises and built profiles that make the most of today’s opportunities.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Employer brand professionals and other talent leaders who want to strategically maximize their employer brand
      • Recruitment professionals looking to learn innovative techniques for attracting top talent and reaching business goals


      Walk Away With:

      • Response tactics for employer brand challenges
      • New approaches to employer branding in a more virtual world of work
      • Insight into how talent has reacted to the loss of perks and office visits


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Automation and Future of Work Breakouts
      In-person, Virtual, Hybrid: What comes next for hiring events
      Saeed Sadooghi, Senior Manager, Employer Insights, Indeed
      Peter Sursi, Section Chief, Recruiting, Staffing and Selection, HR Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

      For years, employers relied on in-person events to hire in volume and identify promising talent. But what happens when your go-to hiring method seemingly evaporates overnight?


      In this session, we’ll learn how the FBI transitioned its hiring events from in-person to virtual during this pivotal year. Do virtual hiring events help organizations tap into a broader talent pipeline? How efficient are they for recruiting university students? More importantly, what is the future of hiring events as we reset and move forward in our post-pandemic world?


      Who Should Attend:

      • TA professionals in all industries whose organizations hold hiring events
      • Decision makers wishing to implement innovative techniques to optimize talent pool growth
      • Anyone interested in learning more about virtual hiring


      Walk Away With:

      • Industry examples from employers currently holding hiring events
      • Understanding of the various strategies behind structuring hiring events
      • Takeaways for making the most of virtual hiring events
      • How virtual hiring events can reach a broader group of talent


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Understanding Psychological Safety at Work
      Rajkumari Neogy, Founder, iRestart
      Paul Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Indeed

      What is psychological safety, and why do we need it in the workplace? Psychological safety occurs when team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other—which, in turn, helps them connect. It’s what creates high-performing, inclusive teams, where members learn and grow together, push back against the status quo and innovate. But all too often, distrust, stress and burnout run rampant in organizations, stifling creativity, innovation and employee well-being.


      In this session, epigenetic and executive coach Rajkumari Neogy will share the fascinating science behind psychological safety and how it helps teams communicate and collaborate more effectively. She’ll be joined in the second part of her session by Paul Wolfe, Indeed’s SVP of HR, for a fireside chat on how HR leaders can put these principles into practice. Leave with pro tips on how to create a greater sense of psychological safety, trust and empathy among your co-workers and within your culture.


      Who Should Attend:

      • HR executives and talent leaders dedicated to creating a workplace that promotes inclusion and belonging among colleagues
      • Managers interested in ensuring their direct reports feel a sense of psychological safety at work


      Walk Away With:

      • A better understanding of the role psychological safety, trust and empathy play in creating healthy workplace cultures
      • Best practices on how to establish psychological safety at your own organization


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Brand Breakouts
      Powering Employer Brand
      Theresa Philippe, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Glassdoor

      Many companies lack the knowledge and/or resources to shift their employer brand strategy to an inside-out approach. Yet, in today’s increasingly competitive job market, a positive employer brand that reflects internal culture is a critical component to attracting and retaining employees. Glassdoor and Indeed are partnering together to give you maximum reach, along with solutions and guidance to help you build a strong employer brand across our platforms.

    • Indeed Solutions
      Indeed Ads Unified Campaigns
      Tiffany Holbrook, Product Marketing Manager, Indeed

      Capturing the attention of candidates is no easy task when there is so much fragmentation in the media landscape. To compete for talent, you have to reach talent in their most important moments, in the right place, with a compelling message that makes them want to consider your company. But many recruitment marketing solutions are based on a “spray and pray” model that advertises your jobs anywhere and everywhere to everyone with the hope that people will notice your job and apply. Additionally, with over 40K job boards globally, TA teams invest countless hours and dollars managing disconnected platforms for hundreds or thousands of open roles. When there is so much fragmentation, matching the right people to the right jobs is hard and time consuming, taking away from a TA team’s ability to focus on providing a positive candidate experience.


      The key is programmatic advertising built for TA that automates displaying the right jobs, in the right places, to the right candidates to ensure applications for all your jobs.


      In this session, Tiffany Holbrook, Product Marketing Manager, will give insights into Indeed’s plan to launch a new unified campaign experience that simplifies the planning and executing of a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy so you can reach active and passive talent — on and off Indeed — from an all in one platform.


      Who Should Attend:

      • HR and Talent Attraction executives and leaders seeking to formulate recruitment marketing strategies that enable their organization to compete for talent
      • Talent Acquisition practitioners and recruiters responsible for managing full-funnel job advertising campaigns on Indeed.
      • Ad agency experts who seek to raise the bar in client service by staying current on Indeed Ads product innovations


      Walk Away With:

      • An understanding of how Indeed applies automated ad technology to drive superior outcomes for talent acquisition professionals
      • Indeed’s vision for a unified campaign experience reaching qualified applicants across channels.
  • Breakout Block 3
    • Automation and Future of Work Breakouts
      The Recovery, Remote Work and Recruiting: Indeed economists share labor market insights
      Daniel Culbertson, Outreach Economist, Hiring Lab, Indeed
      Pawel Adrjan, Economist, Head of EMEA Research, Hiring Lab, Indeed

      What do economists expect from 2021’s second half? Which signs should you watch for that signal short- and long-term recovery? What will remote work look like post-pandemic, and what will it mean for businesses and cities? And how will all of these factors impact recruiting strategies?


      Join Indeed Economists Daniel Culbertson and Pawel Adrjan for insights into global labor market realities, outlooks for the U.S. and other major economies and strategies for successfully navigating changing recruiting trends.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Decision makers seeking insights into the current global labor market
      • TA professionals looking for relevant, new recruitment strategies


      Walk Away With:

      • Expert guidance on the economy and its impact on hiring
      • Long-term outlooks on remote work and its impact
      • Practical recruiting strategies based on global labor market realities


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Allyship in Action
      Danny Stacy, Senior Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed
      Karen Catlin, Author of "Better Allies"

      Allyship (noun): the state or condition of being an ally: supportive association with another person or group.


      While Webster’s definition is short and straightforward, the process of becoming an ally—and practicing good allyship in the workplace—is far more nuanced and complex. Join Karen Catlin, author of Better Allies, and Danny Stacy, Senior Recruitment Evangelist at Indeed, for a fireside chat about allyship in action. From mistakes and self-examination to speaking up and supporting others, they’ll explore this topic within the framework of concrete examples, building toward making allyship part of your company culture. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what allyship means in the workplace and why it matters for your talent attraction strategy in 2021 and beyond.


      Who Should Attend:

      • HR executives interested in implementing company-wide policies that encourage diversity, inclusion and belonging
      • Talent professionals seeking education on allyship and how to remove bias from their hiring processes and procedures
      • Anyone who’d like to become a better ally at home and at work


      Walk Away With:

      • The ability to define and identify allyship in the workplace
      • Tactics to develop better allyship with traditionally underrepresented or marginalized individuals
      • Examples for growing and integrating allyship into your company culture and talent attraction strategy


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Candidate Experience Breakouts
      The Future of Candidate Experience: Get to happier hires in an increasingly virtual world
      Daniel Wahlen, Director Client Engagement, Global Enterprise Marketing, Indeed

      The future of candidate experience is here: and it’s virtual. From interviewing to onboarding candidates, we’ve learned that much of the hiring process can and does happen virtually.


      Which begs the question: Will companies ever fully return to in-person interviews?


      Join Daniel Wahlen, Director of Client Engagement, Global Enterprise Marketing, as he reveals Indeed’s new research on virtual recruiting and provides actionable takeaways for developing a seamless candidate experience.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent acquisition professionals who want to improve candidate experience for remote workers
      • Recruiters looking for ways to engage job seekers in virtual settings, from application to onboarding
      • Anyone interested in learning and adopting best practices in virtual hiring


      Walk Away With:

      • Insight on how employers have adapted their recruiting strategies to meet the needs of a remote workplace
      • Action items for creating a better candidate experience in a virtual setting
      • Tools and technologies to create faster, more engaging hiring processes that benefit employers and candidates alike


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Brand Breakouts
      Brand-Culture Fusion: How to integrate the elements that power business success
      Denise Lee Yohn, Brand Leadership Expert and Author
      Jennifer Warren, VP, Global Brand Marketing and Communications, Indeed

      In nuclear physics, fusion is the reaction that happens when two atomic nuclei come together. Nuclear fusion releases large amounts of energy — it’s what powers the sun. In the same way, you can unleash great power when you fuse together your internal organizational culture and external brand identity. When you create an interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship between how your organization thinks and acts on the inside and how it is perceived and experienced on the outside, you can reach new heights of employee engagement and business success.


      In this session, brand leadership expert and author Denise Lee Yohn teaches how to unleash the power of brand-culture fusion to align your workforce, improve your competitive advantage and achieve your vision. She’ll be joined in the second part of her session by Jennifer Warren, Indeed’s Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, for a fireside chat on how HR and brand leaders can align their efforts.



      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent leaders and decision makers interested in increasing competitiveness, creating measurable value for employees and customers and future-proofing their business

      • Employer brand professionals interested in aligning their external brand with internal organizational culture


      Walk Away With:

      • Actionable takeaways for how to integrate your purpose and values into the employee and customer experience

      • Insights on how brand-culture fusion improves talent recruitment and retention

      • An understanding of how to build an authentic brand from the inside out, so that your brand isn’t just what you say, it’s what you do


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Recruiting for All: Wielding hiring technology with inclusion in mind
      Jeffery Johnson, Director Employer Insights, Indeed
      Heather Tinsley-Fix, Senior Advisor, Financial Resilience, AARP
      Ashley Siegel, Outreach and Engagement Lead, TWDC Enterprise, Disney
      Wanda Cole-Frieman, SVP, Talent Acquisition, CommonSpirit Health

      Practically overnight, the pandemic pushed what had once seemed unfeasible into reality — moving a company’s entire workforce to working from home, for example — and accelerated adoption of new hiring tech as employers adapted to the demands and challenges of their transformed recruiting landscape.


      But just as the pandemic advanced technology, it also exposed and exacerbated inequities related to age, race, gender and other factors. In this session, leaders from AARP, Disney and CommonSpirit Health share strategies for how employers can ensure their re-imagined hiring practices remain inclusive for all.


      Who Should Attend:

      • TA leaders and practitioners whose teams are recruiting and interviewing virtually
      • Decision makers at organizations where diversity, inclusion and belonging are top hiring priorities
      • Anyone interested in learning more about the effect of new technology on hiring


      Walk Away With:

      • Actionable strategies for more inclusive hiring in an increasingly virtual world
      • Ideas for preventing biases related to age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, physical abilities and other factors
      • Strategies for reaching a greater group of quality candidates


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Embracing Neurodiversity: How to unleash your workforce and company potential
      Shawn Brown, Engineer, Designer and YouTuber
      Scott Bonneau, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Indeed

      What is neurodiversity? Coined in the late 1990s by sociologist Judy Singer, the term recognizes that individual differences in brain function are part of normal variation in humans, and are “a state of nature to be respected … an argument for the conservation and facilitation of human diversity.”


      As an engineer, designer and co-founder of the YouTube channel “Kids Invent Stuff,” Shawn Brown has spent his life working on a wide range of unusual contraptions—from kid-designed electric vehicles, to the world’s first sneeze-activated flamethrower. As a neurodivergent individual with dyslexia, Brown is a tireless advocate for raising awareness of learning differences and building public understanding and support.


      Join Shawn to discuss the impact of neurodiversity on innovation, the role of creativity in hands-on learning and why embracing neurodivergent candidates can deliver a competitive advantage to employers. For the second half of this session, Shawn will be joined by Indeed’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Scott Bonneau, for a fireside chat about attracting, integrating and supporting this pool of talent.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent professionals interested in attracting, developing and retaining more neurodivergent candidates
      • HR leaders who oversee diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives


      Walk Away With:

      • A better understanding of neurodiversity and its impact on innovation
      • Techniques for supporting neurodivergent candidates and employees


      This session is eligible for SHRM & HRCI credit

    • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Breakouts
      Engaging Diverse Talent with Indeed
      Tina Amelchenko, Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed

      Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging affects your employees, your business success and society at large, but can be a complex area to tackle.


      As the world’s most visited job site, the people needed to meet your diversity goals are likely to be found here. Indeed can help get their attention.


      In this session, join Tina Amelchenko as she reveals her experiences in helping clients use Indeed products to help attract diverse talent and support their ongoing work happiness.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Talent acquisition leaders looking for ideas on how Indeed can help meet their diversity goals
      • Recruiters searching for innovative tactics to improve the diversity of their applicant pool
      • Branding specialists searching for strategies to build awareness of their company’s diversity story


      Walk Away With:

      • A better understanding of how Indeed can help reach and inspire a diverse workforce
      • An effective new tool to monitor ongoing work happiness
    • Indeed Solutions
      Connected Innovation: The path to your hire potential
      Nolan Farris, Chief Revenue Officer, Indeed
      Kerry Noone, Director, Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing, CVS Health
      Brian Drake, Vice President, Recruiting and Relocation, XPO Logistics
      Brittni Williamson, Director, Talent Acquisition, Ochsner Health

      The bottom line for attending any conference is this: You want to hear who’s solving problems, what’s working and how you can implement your own changes for future success. That’s why Nolan Farris, Indeed’s Chief Revenue Officer, is sitting down to talk with clients CVS Health, Ochsner Health and XPO Logistics about their hiring challenges, learnings and successes. You’ll hear insights from Indeed’s partners and leave with new ideas for how to integrate your tools into a more holistic and frictionless hiring process. Come join the discussion as we explore how connected innovation — the ability to bring together Indeed’s suite of products and solutions — can help realize your own hire potential.


      Who Should Attend:

      • Decision makers and talent leaders who are looking to create an end-to-end hiring process within their organization
      • Anyone interested in real-world examples of how industry leaders are utilizing Indeed’s suite of solutions


      Walk Away With:

      • Examples of ways Indeed’s spectrum of services are being used by actual clients
      • Understanding of how Indeed solutions might best serve your organization’s specific challenges
  • General Sessions - Afternoon
    • General Sessions
      Elegant Solutions for the Future of Talent Acquisition
      Carmen Bryant, Director, US Marketing, Indeed

      Our post-pandemic world calls for “elegant solutions” — strategies that tie together creative analysis, advances in automation and strategic use of resources while rising to meet today’s pressing needs. What adaptations present opportunities in this rapidly evolving era? How can recruiting and hiring effectively and efficiently transform for tomorrow’s successes? Join us as we identify talent acquisition’s changing landscape and explore “elegant solutions” for reaching your hire potential.

    • General Sessions
      More Than Alright: Matthew McConaughey on the pursuit of higher potential
      Matthew McConaughey, Actor, Writer and Philanthropist
      Gayle King, Accomplished television journalist, co-host of CBS This Morning, and editor-at-large of Oprah Daily

      He’s best known for his extensive filmography of more than 40 feature films grossing more than $1 billion—from his breakout role in “Dazed and Confused,” to his Academy Award-winning performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.” But you may not be as familiar with Matthew McConaughey’s many other endeavors.


      Inspired by his alma mater, he is a professor of practice at the University of Texas and serves as the school’s Minister of Culture. He is co-owner of the Major League Soccer club Austin FC and founder of the just keep livin’ Foundation, which helps at-risk high school students make healthier mind, body and spirit choices. His aphorisms and words of wisdom have gone viral, inspiring millions to be happier and find satisfaction, and his new New York Times best-selling book “Greenlights” details how to navigate our lives’ journeys through affirmations, skill and timing.


      In this one-on-one fireside chat with television journalist Gayle King, McConaughey will discuss the passions and pivots that mold and fuel his pursuit of higher potential—and why we should never just settle for “alright.”

    • General Sessions
      Closing Remarks
      Jessica Jensen, CMO, Indeed
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  • Candidate Experience Breakouts
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