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Hire Potential: Reimagine recruiting in the new world of work

More innovation, even more opportunities. Join us Wednesday, June 16th, at 11am AEST, 9am GMT+1, and 10am CT
The world of work is always changing. And as we’ve seen in the past year, sometimes in very surprising ways. While those changes can often be impossible to predict, Indeed has the insights and solutions to help companies adapt, evolve and thrive in an ever-shifting hiring landscape. This year, Indeed Interactive is going virtual, bringing people from all over the planet together to reimagine recruiting. Registration is now open, so be sure to reserve your spot!

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Event details

At Indeed Interactive 2021, we’re gathering thought leaders, CEOs and some very entertaining people who’ll explore current and future hiring challenges as, together, we reimagine recruiting in the new world of work. Enjoy keynote speakers, connect with peers and learn about the mindset and skills you need to stay ahead. Same Interactive you know and love with the ability to watch in three different time zones. The best part? You can join right from your living room.
Asia Pacific
June 16
11am AEST
June 16
9am GMT+1
June 16
10am CT
This year at Indeed Interactive, we reimagine recruiting — and we’ve got an exciting agenda to help you reach your hire potential. Find inspiration with presentations from subject matter experts and key players in the hiring industry, explore powerful recruiting tools with IndeedWorks and more.
As we reimagine recruiting in the new world of work together, we'll be guided and inspired by speakers ranging from Indeed CEO Chris Hyams to Academy Award-Winning Actor and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author, “Greenlights", Matthew McConaughey.
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What to expect

Global insights and research
Shape what's next for the new world of work
Network with peers
Indeed's latest product innovations

Who should attend?

Exchange ideas with your industry peers at thought-provoking sessions led by influencers and talent leaders. Get a better sense of the tools and resources you can use to realize your goals and make the right hires to shape your company’s future.
Stay up to date on the cutting-edge industry insights and thought leadership that showcases the value of recruitment and moves your business forward. Learn all the strategies you’ll need to help your business thrive in the new world of work, all at one dynamic event.
As challenging as it can sometimes be, there’s a reason you became a recruiter: the opportunity to change peoples lives for the better. Learn exclusive hiring insights from renowned thought leaders, and explore the human connections that drive our industry alongside like-minded peers.
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