Kelly McGonigal

Health Psychologist, Author and Lecturer at Stanford University

Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal is a leading expert in the growing field of “science-help” and is known for her ability to translate the latest findings in psychology, neuroscience and medicine into strategies for achieving health, happiness and personal success.

A lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and School of Medicine, McGonigal’s work on mindfulness, willpower and stress is grounded in both research and practice. She is the author of two books, The Upside of Stress and The Willpower Instinct, and her TED Talk, “How To Make Stress Your Friend,” has been viewed nearly 12.5 million times.

May 16, 2017

Join health psychologist Kelly McGonigal as she reveals why stress—including the type you experience during the hiring process—makes you more confident and open to human connection.


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