Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Improv at it’s core isn’t about comedy—it’s about human connection, which is why improv training is increasingly finding its way into professional development programs and business school curricula around the nation. Improv can teach us all, from aspiring actors to talent attraction professionals, how to stay present in the moment to unlock new heights in creativity, communication, and relationship-building.

Join Lindagrace De la Cruz—a SAG-AFTRA actor and trained improv teacher, as well as one of Indeed’s newest Recruitment Evangelists—to discover how drawing on the core tenets of improv can help you deepen your engagement with candidates, both online and in person. You’ll walk away from this workshop armed with strategies for incorporating improv’s spirit of generosity and conversational questioning into your recruiting, as a means for prompting more productive, meaningful and revealing interactions with candidates, while unearthing the individual behind the resume.

Lindagrace De la Cruz prof pic

Presented by:

Lindagrace De la Cruz
Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed

Lindagrace de la Cruz combines her knowledge of adult learning theory with her theater experience in improvisation to create the optimal custom learning solution for her clients. She boasts over nine years of experience in the deployment and delivery of custom training programs and a client roster that includes the US Treasury, FBI, Department of Veterans Affairs, Supreme Court of the U.S. and the Department of Justice (to name just a few).


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