Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The hiring journey can bring on a roller coaster of emotions and stress, for job seekers and talent professionals alike. For every pain point you encounter as you work to write job content, review resumes and vet candidates, job seekers are fighting their own emotional battles. They agonize over what you want to see in their applications and wonder why they haven’t heard back in the days or weeks after applying.

In this session, we’ll break the hiring journey down into its component parts to explore the ways recruiter and job seeker confidence ebbs and flows at each stage. You’ll walk away with a blueprint you can use to map out your own hiring journey and identify opportunities to humanize the experience.


Presented by:

Olga Kazakova
Marketing Director, Indeed Experience

As the Marketing Director of the Indeed Experience team, Olga Kazakova leads cross-company initiatives for job seekers and employers, with the goal of improving the experience for everyone who uses Indeed.


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