Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

At Indeed, we prioritize real people in everything we plan, build, test and optimize. Employers and job seekers give our work meaning as we strive to connect them with one another to form lasting professional relationships. As technological advancements continue to reshape the hiring landscape over the next decade, how will Indeed continue to innovate to unite businesses with the talent that makes them successful?

In this session, Indeed President Chris Hyams discusses the principles that have guided Indeed’s evolution from a simple search engine to a comprehensive hiring and job search platform. Hear how these same core principles will lead Indeed into the future as we work to bring together even more employers and job seekers to help power tomorrow’s business landscape.


Presented by:

Chris Hyams
President, Indeed

As President at Indeed, Hyams is responsible for the company’s product, engineering, sales and client services teams, helping to drive revenue and foster collaboration across the product and client arms of the organization.


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2018/05/14 09:00:00