Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Maybe your eyes glaze over when experts present economic statistics or maybe you just don’t see how labor market trends impact your daily grind. But large-scale economic factors affect the talent that’s available to you, the skills you look for in candidates and the expectations job seekers have of their employer.

Join Tara Sinclair, Senior Fellow for the Indeed Hiring Lab, and Paul Wolfe, Indeed Senior Vice President of Human Resources, as they discuss unique insights on the labor market from research by the Indeed Hiring Lab, illustrating real-world applications of crucial labor market trends. They’ll break down abstract economic concepts and show how understanding these trends can help you develop smarter, more future-proof recruitment strategies.

Tara Sinclair

Presented by:

Tara Sinclair
Senior Fellow, Indeed Hiring Lab

Tara M. Sinclair is Senior Fellow of the Indeed Hiring Lab and an associate professor of economics and international affairs at the George Washington University. At Indeed, Tara produces labor market research based on Indeed’s proprietary data and publicly available information.

Paul Wolfe headshot

Presented by:

Paul Wolfe
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Indeed

With more than 15 years of experience as a human resources executive, Paul has a wealth of knowledge to share on talent acquisition and management, succession planning, performance management and leadership development.


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