Dive into new research on the emotional and psychological aspects of hiring. Harness the power of recruiting data and empathy to connect with candidates and find the right fit.

2017/05/15 09:00:00

Dive into new research on the emotional and psychological aspects of hiring. Harness the power of recruiting data and empathy to connect with candidates and find the right fit.

2017/05/15 09:00:00

Visionary Keynotes

Hear from top leaders in business and technology on why the future of hiring must be human-centric

Welcome to Indeed Interactive

Get ready for three invigorating days with this introduction to the human side of talent attraction.

The Human Side of Hiring: Inspiring Connection, Passion and Loyalty

Learn how to leverage the power of human connection in recruiting and retaining today’s talent.

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

Unlock clues to better understanding your candidates by tuning into nonverbal behavior.

Create Connections, Thrive Under Stress

Become more confident and open to human connection during the hiring journey by embracing stress.

Solving Hiring Challenges with Indeed

Learn how you can leverage Indeed’s latest product offerings to meet your business goals.

The Human Side of Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Machines

To an economist, humanness is what happens when people aren't super-rational, calculating machines. Join Chief Economist Jed Kolko to learn how to embrace the ``good`` side of humans at work.

The Orange Chair: What's Best for The Job Seeker

Find out why a focus on human connection is at the core of Indeed’s product innovation and evolution.

Humanize Your Hiring Through the Power of Storytelling

In this keynote session, Gladwell turns his discerning lens on hiring and the humans behind it.

Inside Look: See How Indeed’s Sales Team Strives to Make You Successful

In this fireside chat, hear how the Indeed Sales team works tirelessly to ensure your success.

Connecting Inspiration and Action

Get insight from a HR practitioner on how to implement the research you’ve heard in your day-to-day recruiting.

Final Thoughts from Indeed CEO Hisayuki Idekoba

Before you go, join Indeed CEO “Deko” to reflect on the ideas and inspiration imparted at this year’s Interactive.

Expert-Led Breakout Sessions

Acquire data-driven tactics and practical tips for developing effective, efficient and humane hiring practices

Could a Robot Take Your Job? Exploring the Intersection of Human Touch & Technology

Learn how embracing technology allows you to unlock more opportunities for connection and helps you hire better.

Empathy for Business Success: Spark Connections, Win Talent and Propel Your Business Forward

Hear why empathy is crucial to today’s human-centered hiring processes and learn how a focus on empathy can help you outpace your competitors to win more top talent.

Using Personalization to Uncover the Human Behind the Resume

Infuse your recruiting efforts for top roles with humanity and personalization using Indeed Resume.

``Yes, and...``: Using Improv to Foster Powerful Connections with Candidates

Unearth the person behind the resume by incorporating improv into your interactions with candidates.

Mapping the Emotional Peaks & Valleys of the Hiring Journey

Learn how to make the hiring journey a more positive and empowering experience for yourself and your candidates.

How to Use Your ATS Stats to Optimize Your Recruiting Strategy

Learn everything you need to know about your ATS source reports and how the analytics therein can help you make critical decisions about your online recruitment strategy.

Leverage Action Learning to Collaborate, Innovate and Solve Problems

Interact with your peers to solve real world problems using action learning.

The Economics of Hiring

Allow an economist and HR practitioner to illustrate the real-world applications of today’s labor market trends.

Fresh Perspectives on Inclusion: How Diverse Talent Drives Innovation

Join us as we discuss the value of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Uncovering Talent: Creating a Culture of Inclusion to Drive Business Success

Walk away empowered to create a culture of inclusion, from the very beginning of the hiring process through ongoing employee education and resources.

Optimize Your Outbound Recruiting with Indeed Resume and Prime

In this product workshop, get an overview of Indeed Resume and Prime and learn how to use each product to meet specific outbound recruiting needs.

Maximize Your Visibility with Sponsored Jobs, Featured Employer and Targeted Ads

Learn how to optimize spending and make more successful hires by mastering inbound tactics.

Data Diving with Indeed Labor Dynamics

Learn to use Indeed's Labor Market Outlook to enrich your recruiting strategies.

Budget Bootcamp: Maximize ROI with Smart Campaign Management

Brush up on budgeting basics and learn expert campaign optimization tactics to boost ROI.

Boost Your Employer Brand with Indeed

Learn how to build a magnetic brand that attracts top talent and sparks lasting connections.

Staffing and RPO: Partner with Indeed to Maximize Your Recruiting

If you work for a staffing agency, this session offers insight into new data and tools just for you.

How Advertising Agency Pros are Targeting Talent with Indeed

Attention all ad agency attendees! Find out how to use Indeed to gain mindshare and get your questions answered by Indeed leadership.

Staffing Q&A: Insights from Indeed Leadership

Get the inside scoop from Indeed executives on topics that matter most to staffing pros like you.

Advertising Agency Q&A: Industry and Product Insights from Indeed Leadership

Get the inside scoop from Indeed executives on topics that matter most to advertising agency pros like you.

The Bright Side of Work: How Solutions-Oriented Thinking Fuels Hiring Success

Learn to approach your work with optimism and identify more solutions-oriented candidates.

Harnessing Human Potential to Create the Future Workforce

Learn what you can do as a talent leader to leverage the best of technology to elevate, not eliminate your people.

Designing Your Life: How Innovative Thinking Can Create Engaged Employees

In this breakout session, Stanford lecturer and bestselling author Dave Evans will show you how embracing “design thinking”—a creative and human-centric problem solving methodology—can help you manage and retain your top talent.


Are You Ready for Interactive 2018?

We already can’t wait for next year’s Indeed Interactive. Stay tuned for more conference details in the coming months!

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