Chantal Wilson

Human Resources Business Partner, Wagamama Restaurants

The needs and wants of employees are constantly changing, and Chantal Wilson is always keen to disrupt the traditional employee-employer relationship. This passion comes from being a part of two Olympic Games, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012, delivering teams in which attraction, retention and creativity was key as the ‘world is watching’.

Her secret weapon, being dyslexic and dyspraxic, has allowed Chantal to add differing perspectives as a team member and leader within big hospitality brands including McDonald’s Canada, Nando’s UK and now Wagamama UK.

It all started in a small Canadian town, Sudbury, where she graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce and turned her love for sports and food into a career.

Nowadays, Chantal is a passionate member of the LGBTQ community and consider the role employers have in creating and supporting a culture of inclusivity as imperative.

8 Nov, 2017

Hear personal accounts from a few of Europe’s top talent leaders about the strategies they’ve developed to embrace “The Human Side of Hiring” within their own organisations.

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