Featured Speakers

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Paul D’Arcy

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Indeed


Kevin Walker

Senior Director of Field Marketing, Indeed


Chris Hyams

President, Indeed

Paul Wolfe headshot

Paul Wolfe

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Indeed

Jed Kolko

Jed Kolko

Chief Economist, Indeed Hiring Lab

Nolan Farris headshot

Nolan Farris

Senior Vice President of Sales, Indeed


Raj Mukherjee

Senior Vice President of Product, Indeed

Indeed_0003_Michele Watson

Michele Watson

Senior Vice President of Client Services, Indeed

Indeed_0005_Tasha Eurich 1

Tasha Eurich

Organisational psychologist and bestselling author

Breakout Session Speakers

Meet our exciting roster of recruitment experts, captivating storytellers and insightful researchers below!

Ben Hunt-Davis

Ben Hunt-Davis

Olympic gold medalist, performance consultant and author

Claire Burge

Claire Burge

This is Productivity

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