When it comes to hiring, talent professionals have entrenched theories around why jobseekers and hiring managers act and think the way we do. But what if these theories are just plain wrong?

Join Indeed Chief Economist Jed Kolko as he links economic research with psychology to shine a light on the surprising ways humans learn, behave and make decisions. He’ll introduce you to research on the human tendency to behave irrationally and its implications for the labor market. You’ll learn how subconscious cognitive quirks—jobseekers’, employees’, and yours—can impact hiring and other human resources activities and explore ways to guard against flawed decision-making.

Jed Kolko

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Jed Kolko
Chief Economist, Indeed Hiring Lab

Jed Kolko is Chief Economist at Indeed, the world’s #1 job site, where he leads the research division, the Hiring Lab. He specialises in using large-scale proprietary and publicly available datasets to uncover insights about labor markets, the future of work, demographics, housing markets and urban trends.

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