Indeed’s products connect hundreds of people every day, helping them grow their careers and meet their professional goals. With a focus on the human experience and ceaseless innovation, Indeed aims to continue leading the industry and setting a new standard in hiring.

Join Senior Vice President of Product Raj Mukherjee for an inside look at Indeed’s product roadmap. He’ll share stories of real people who are using Indeed tools to transform their organisations, and show you how Indeed can help you meet your goals, now and in the future. Learn about Indeed’s latest product offerings, and hear how we’re pioneering new ways to humanise hiring processes and help you find the right fit.


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Raj Mukherjee
Senior Vice President of Product, Indeed

Raj Mukherjee joined Indeed as Senior Vice President of Product in July 2016. In this role, he leads the day-to-day operations of our global Product team, grows our core products and drives new product innovation in support of the company’s mission—”together, we help people get jobs.”

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