Dive into new research on the emotional and psychological aspects of hiring. Harness the power of recruiting data and empathy to connect with candidates and find the right fit.

2017/11/06 09:00:00

Dive into new research on the emotional and psychological aspects of hiring. Harness the power of recruiting data and empathy to connect with candidates and find the right fit.

2017/11/06 09:00:00

Visionary Keynotes

You won’t want to miss a minute of our thrilling keynotes!

Welcome to Indeed Interactive

Get ready for two inspirational days with an invigorating introduction to the human side of talent attraction.

The Human Side of Hiring: Inspiring connection, passion and loyalty

Learn how to leverage the power of human connection in recruiting and retaining today’s talent.

The Insightful Talent Leader: How knowing yourself helps you know your candidates

Organisational psychologist Tasha Eurich will reveal why self-awareness is a crucial quality for business leaders.

The Orange Chair: What's best for the jobseeker?

Learn why a focus on human connection is at the core of Indeed’s innovation and evolution.

The Future of Hiring: The latest advancements in recruitment technology

Learn how the latest trends in recruitment technology drive Indeed's product innovation.

The Human Side of Work: The good, the bad, and the machines

Discover the importance of humaness in the workplace.

Prioritising Partnership: How Indeed's Sales and Client Services teams strive to help you succeed

In this fireside chat, hear how two Indeed teams work tirelessly to ensure your hiring success.

Connecting Inspiration and Action

Hear about the humanised hiring strategies that Indeed has implemented to attract right-fit candidates—and how you can do the same.

Final Thoughts

Before you go, join Gerard Murnaghan, Indeed's Vice President of Sales for the EMEA region, to reflect on the ideas and inspiration imparted at this year’s Interactive.

Talent Attraction in the Digital Age: Leveraging technology to make time for connection

Learn how to keep your hiring practices human in an increasingly digital world.

Expert-Led Breakout Sessions

Acquire data-driven tactics and practical tips for developing effective, efficient and humane hiring practices

``Yes, and...``: Using improv to foster powerful connections with candidates

Incorporate improv into your interactions with candidates to connect with them in a new and energised way.

Unlock the Secret to Successful Sourcing with These Tips & Tools

Optimise your sourcing efforts with the help of Indeed Resume and these innovative outreach strategies.

Target Your Ideal Talent with These Inbound Recruiting Tactics

Track the behavior of Europe's jobseekers to find out how to make your roles discoverable to them.

The Future of Work is Chaos

Learn why chaos is an essential part of the modern workplace and how to harness its power.

The Economics of Hiring

Learn how to optimise your hiring in the face of shifting labour market trends and changing jobseeker behaviour.

Data Diving with Indeed Labour Dynamics

Learn to use Indeed's Labour Market Outlook to enrich your recruiting strategies.

Mapping the Peaks & Valleys of the Hiring Journey

Learn how to make the hiring journey a more positive and empowering experience for yourself and your candidates.

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?: Leveraging lessons from the water to create a more cohesive workforce

Olympic gold medalist Ben Hunt-Davis offers strategies for creating a more collaborative workforce that works together towards a common goal.

The Building Blocks of an Enticing Employer Brand: Strategies for driving awareness and attracting top talent

Learn how to stand out to and attract top talent by developing an enticing employer brand.

Making Failure Your Friend: Why accepting a candidate's ability to fail could become your greatest strength

Learn about the positive side of failure from bestselling author Markus Zusak.

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2017/11/06 09:00:00