Wednesday, 20 September, 2017

Many may think that economic models and complex labour market trends are intimidating, simply beyond comprehension or, perhaps, even irrelevant to their everyday life and work. In reality, the exact opposite is true—especially for recruiters who are trying to tap into a talent pool that’s constantly evolving. Large-scale economic factors affect the talent that’s available to you, the skills you look for in candidates and the expectations job seekers have of their potential employers.

Join Callam Pickering, an economist with the Indeed Hiring Lab, and Paul Wolfe, Indeed’s SVP of Human Resources, as they dive deep into the data behind the unique trends shaping the Australian labour market and, as a result, your hiring practices. They’ll break down the data to demonstrate how understanding the economic underpinnings of job seeker behaviour can help you optimise your hiring and develop future-proof recruitment strategies.

Paul Wolfe headshot

Presented by:

Paul Wolfe
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Indeed

Paul Wolfe, SVP of Human Resources at Indeed, focuses on aligning human resource goals with the strategic direction of the company while overseeing all human resource functions.

Callam Pickering

Presented by:

Callam Pickering
Economist, Indeed Hiring Lab

Callam Pickering is an Economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab with a focus on Australia. Previously, he was an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He has also worked as the economic editor of numerous online publications.

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